1KP Synth

Audiovisual installation.

"You want to know the difference between us and the machines. We bury our dead."
Kyle Reese (Terminator 1984).

1KP Synth is a story-teller. In a remote future, it will tell us something about the plants living on this planet during the current century. It is an algorithm storing more than 1000 plants genes sequences publicly available online and transforming them into unique, organic, audiovisual barcodes. The data translation happens through a virtual protein synthesis algorithm transforming itself in real-time into a graphic and sound synthesis digital process.
1KP Synth takes name from the oneKP (1000 plants or 1KP) initiative which is an international multi-disciplinary consortium that has generated large-scale gene sequencing data for over 1000 species of plants.

To produce the audiovisual barcodes, an algorithm picks up in real-times the genes sequences for each species and virtually executes the first steps of the protein synthesis. A gene sequence, composed by 4 nucleobases in very long chains is firstly sorted as a sequence of codons and then translated into amino acids occurring in the genetic code.

The great amount of variables coming out from the virtual protein synthesis (nucleobases, codons, amino acids and their occurrence in each gene) offer unique coded visual representation of the plants. The same data is translated into midi parameters to control the sound generation of a VA synthesizer.

Audio: 8 VA synthesizer tracks @ 2 audio channels
Video: real-time digital animation HD @30 fps