Disclosure of


DIDIF, Disclosure of Digital Feelings, is a declassification of heartfelt audiovisual systems conceived by multimedia experimentation and real-time data-crossing.

My name is Davide. If you feel like it, you can send me an e-mail:
I’d like to hear from you.

Live shows/exhibitions (2008-present selection):

Node 15, Frankfurt. (balanced)
Flussi 15, Avellino. (balanced)
Live Cinema Festival, Roma. (balanced)
Controsenso, Prato. (audiostructures)
Mutiny, Napoli. (audiostructures)
Lanificio, Napoli. (audiostructures)
Homework Festival 10, Bologna. (audiostructures)
Venduto! 11, Milano. (save the thought)
Artra gallery, Milano. (save the thought)
LPM 09,Brancaleone, Rome. (telesystem)
Re-Loaded Festival 09, Rieti. (telesystem)
Private Flat, Firenze. (telesystems)
Italiawave, Mestre. (telesystems)
CAM, Casoria, Napoli. (altri tempi)
Pecha kucha, Treviso. (madreterra)
Galleria Toledo, Napoli. (altri tempi)
MUV 06, Firenze. (madreterra)
Palazzo Carafa di Maddaloni, Napoli. (altri tempi)
Play Art 06, Arezzo. (altri tempi)
Beyond Media, Firenze. (altri tempi)